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In our fast paced lives where barriers to seeing your doctor’s office of choice is commonplace, loyalty becomes even more important. Patients of HealthwoRx have recognized our consistent levels of caring and service. It is the consistency of great service that builds patient confidence in us and our organization, which in turn creates loyalty.

In our community there is a vast array of physicians and insurance options from which our patients can choose, and the fact that you have chosen us to treat your healthcare needs is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Whether you are a new patient of our practice, or one of those patients who have been coming to our practice for decades, we believe that you deserve our recognition for your continuing loyalty and patronage.

HealthwoRx has developed a “Patient Benefits Card Program”, which you may have already received in the mail. If you haven’t, feel free to request one. This is our way of saying “Thank You” for your past patronage, and giving something back to you for your loyalty. This card contains your own personal membership number and identifies you as someone special to our practice. We hope to continually add benefits to this program as time goes by.

With the assistance of our Internists, Family Practitioners and Cardiologists, we have procured several vitamins and nutritional supplements which we feel may be of value to you and your family. All of these products have been endorsed by the physicians of our HealthwoRx Integrative Committee in accordance with traditional nationally recognized guidelines. They are considered by our leading physicians and others to be the best there is to offer. All of our endorsed products are selected based on safety, quality and demonstrable research and carry a 100% money back guarantee. We hope that this helps you achieve the optimal health you and your doctor desire.

Currently, your Patient Benefits Card allows you to purchase these products at a discount on our Health Store or in any of our 15 locations across Broward County. In addition, you are entitled up to 10% off at select retail outlets, restaurants, and healthclubs that have been chosen for their healthful approaches to their business. In the future, we will be adding other services and products as they are researched by us and deemed to be of value to you.

We would like to thank you for your support over the years, and we look forward to contributing to your health and fitness for many years to come.

-The Appreciative Doctors of HealthwoRx