10 Secrets for a Healthy Life

10 Secrets for a Healthy Life

1. Avoid stressful situations. Stress is a great contributor to many different diseases, and although it is literally impossible to live stress-free life, try as much as you can to avoid chance of getting into stressful situations.

2. Avoid alcohol beverages. One glass of wine per day has positive effects on your body, but anything above doesn’t so make sure not to overdo with it.

3. Avoid drugs. Despite what some people may think drugs are bad and lead to addiction. Drug addiction then opens the door for many different diseases.

4. Regular exercise. Don’t just sit all day long, and try to be physically active as much as possible. Regular exercise will not only make you look and feel younger than you are, it will also decrease the risk of developing many diseases.

5. Proper diet rich with fruits, vegetables and fish. Fast food is tasty but it doesn’t do good to your overall health. In other words, stay away of French fries and hamburgers as much as possible

6. Make sure to drink enough water. Our body needs plenty of water to function properly, especially during the summer months.

7. Avoid cigarettes. Several studies have showed that even one cigarette per day is harmful to your health.

8. Be surrounded with friends and family and make sure to find some purpose in life.

9. Stay socially engaged because humans are “social creatures” that require other people to feel good about life in general.

10. Find things that make you happy and enjoy in them or as they say “breathe life with full lungs”.