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AIDS Patent Project: This site will provide more than 4,000 research oriented U.S. patents on everything from medicinal plants to treatments for infectious respiratory diseases. This site is sponsored by the Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval, US Patent and Trademark Office.

AIDS Research Information Center: This site provides on-line information concerning the treatment of AIDS. This site is sponsored by AIDS Research Information Center, Inc. (ARIC, Inc.) is a private, non-profit AIDS medical information service located in Baltimore, MD.

AIDS Treatment Data Network: This site provides guidelines, links and a directory of clinical trials. This site is sponsored by The AIDS Treatment Data Network (The Network), a national, not-for-profit, community-based organization. Treatment education and counseling services for men, women and children with AIDS & HIV are supported by extensive, comprehensive and up-to-date informational databases about AIDS treatments, research studies, services, & accessing care. Our nationwide toll-free number is (800) 734-7104.

AIDS Virtual Library: This site deals with the social, political, and medical aspects of AIDS, HIV, and related issues. This site is sponsored by Planet Q.

Body-A Multimedia AIDS & HIV Resource: This site serves as a forum for sharing facts, opinions and advice concerning AIDS/HIV as well as providing support for dealing with HIV and AIDS.  This is sponsored by the Body Health Resources Corporation.

CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse Web Server: This site provides services, prevention information, grants and projects information, AIDS Daily Summary, AIDS hotline and clinical trial information.  This site is sponsored by the CDC (Center for Disease Control)

Children with AIDS Project: This site provides info on local and national adoptive, foster, and family centered care programs and stories about children who’s lives have been impacted by AIDS.  This site is sponsored by the Children with AIDS Project of America.

Critical Path AIDS Project: This site provides treatment resources and prevention information in wide ranging levels of detail for the general public.  This site covers research, clinical trials and publications.  This site is sponsored by the Critical Path AIDS Project.

Guide to AIDS Information and Resources: This site provides links to medical news, AIDS information and links to related sites. This site is sponsored by newspaper columnist Celine Dement.

Guide to Social Security and SSI Disability Benefits for Patients with HIV Infection: This site provides for a pamphlet listing benefits available and how to apply. This site is sponsored by The Social Security Dept.

HIVNet: This site provides information on HIV, mail lists, newsgroups and links to other sites.  This site is sponsored by the HIVNET.

Journal of the American Medical Association HIV Site: This site provides lists of AIDS drugs, a search engine for AIDS related research and brief treatment guidelines. This site is sponsored by the American Medical Association.

National Pediatric & Family HIV Resource Center: This site provides information concerning the care of children and information for families living with AIDS. This site is sponsored by University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Project Inform: This site provides HIV/AIDS fact sheets. This site is sponsored by Project Inform (a national nonprofit, community based organization working to end the AIDS epidemic).

Treatment and Drug Glossaries and Databases: This site provides definitions and explanations of terms and concepts related to HIV and AIDS. This site is sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb.