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Anxiety Panic Internet Resources: This site provides a grass roots self-help network that is kept alive by thousands of people interested in anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, phobias, shyness, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior and post traumatic stress disorder. This site has unknown sponsor.

Car Accident (Stress Press): This site provides information and support for car accident victims. This site is sponsored by Stress Press, Inc.

Cognitive and Psycholological Sciences on the Internet: This site provides an index to Internet resources relevant to research in cognitive science and psychology.  This site is sponsored by Stanford University Psychology Department.

Crisis, Grief and Healing: This site provides articles on grieving and coping along with reader suggestions and related links.

David Baldwin’s Trauma Info Pages: This site provides articles and links focusing on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. This site is sponsored by David V. Baldwin, PhD.

Facts for Families: This site provides review fact sheets on a wide variety of psychiatric disorders affecting children, adolescents and their families. This site is sponsored by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP).

Gold Coast Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: This site provides support groups  for people who have depression or bipolar disorder (manic-depression) and their family members to discuss topics related to living with these illnesses. We provide free literature at our support group meetings.

Internet Mental Health: This site provides information on 50 of the more common mood disorders, including descriptions, treatments, research and bibliographical information, an online mental health magazine with original articles and more then 300 links. This site is sponsored by Philip W. Long, MD.

Mental Health Net: This site provides a comprehensive guide to mental health issues with links to more than 6,300 individual resources, links to journals, associations, mailing lists, books, discussion groups, mental health products, administration issues and job opportunities. This site is sponsored by CMHC Systems.

Psych Central: This site provides articles for consumers and professionals, lists of psychology newsgroups, and summaries of recommended psychology books along with a review of mental health web sites. This site is sponsored by Dr. John Grohol.

Psych NET: This site provides a searchable database, articles, journals and lists of upcoming events. This site is sponsored by The American Psychological Association.

Psychiatry On-Line: This site provides an online medical journal with original articles, announcements of conferences and events, reviews of books and multi-media materials, and a substantial collection of links. This site is sponsored by Priory Lodge Education, Ltd.

SA/VE (Suicide Awareness/Voices of Education): This site provides articles on suicide prevention, recognizing warning signs and practical tips. This site is sponsored by Suicide Awareness/Voices of Education (SA/VE).

Self-Help Psychology Magazine: This site contains the online monthly psychology magazine with topics ranging from relationships, sexuality, and men and women, to bereavement, depression and drug abuse. This site is sponsored by Self-Help and Psychology Magazine (Behavioral Media Technology).